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With Appbilities you can find all applications that do really help apprentices, and it’s free. You don’t have to install applications, as Appbilities is optimized and set-up to be used online on every smartphone, tablet, mac or computer.
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Apprentice Report Manager - Fast and Intelligent Apprentice-Reports-Management

Apprentice Report Manager - Fast and Intelligent Apprentice-Reports-ManagementYou think that writing trainee reports manually and setting up a file for each report is not contemporary no longer? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to instantly write down all your trade school topics into your apprentice report at school? Therefore we founded the Apprentice-Report-Manager that helps you organizing your reports efficiently. Manage, write, edit and print your reports fast and without much effort. You will never be late again and won’t have to think about what you did the entire week when trying to write your report on the weekend. This Apprentice-Report-Generator saves you time and work:
  • Application generates reports automatically
  • Auto-completion of date display in all reports
  • Auto-completion of report number
  • Automatic calculation of calendar week
  • No installation necessary, manage your reports easily from home
  • With iPhone-, iPad- and Android optimization always and everywhere accessible
  • Write reports just like in Microsoft Word
  • Plenty design layouts available in which your report will be generated
  • Fast and secure database
  • Free to use
  • No Branding on print-outs
  • Easy to operate
With the free Apprentice-Report-Manager from Appbilities you can score at your trade school and convince your boss – without investing much effort and time into your records book.

URL Shortener - Shorten long urls

URL Shortener - Shorten long urlsYou have a too long link you want to shorten? With URL Shortener you paste your link and get a new short link out of it. Then you can send it easily to your friends, trainee colleagues, fellow students etc. The new URL relays to your site now. If you are logged into your account you can see an overview of the link and how many times the link was visited.

Fileshare - Share files with other apprentices and teachers

Fileshare - Share files with other apprentices and teachersWith the Application Fileshare it is possible to upload and share your Word-, Excel-, Photoshop-, InDesign-, Picture and other files. For example it is useful for sending teaching materials to others or to send special files to your teacher or tutor. It is very easy to use because you only need to send the authorized persons a link to your files. Furthermore it is possible to see an overview of your files how many people downloaded the files. It´s also possible to cancel the shared option by only deleting the files from Fileshare.
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